About the College

The opening of the College came after extensive studies carried out by the Chancellorship of the University of Basrah, whose ultimate goal is to develop the scientific level and prepare advanced scientific cadres with the ability to build future generations that serve our dear country, Iraq.  In addition, to help the people of Basrah province, especially the people in the northern districts of Basrah.
The College established by the Ministerial Administrative Order No. 8118 dated 23.10.2011. The College campus is located at the downtown of Al-Qurna district, north of Basrah province which was opened on 30.05.2012. Firstly, the College started with two departments of Arabic Language and Biology. After that in 2019, the Departments of Chemistry and the English Language established.  Thus, it is the first and basic building block for expansion towards other scientific departments and various colleges within the organizational structure the University of Basrah.